Associação de Vade S. Pedro will organize the 4th edition of Terras da Nóbrega Classic Meeting & Rally on the 10th, 11th and 12th of June 2022. Our aim is to promote the love for classic cars and our county as a tourist destination.

Ponte da Barca has good spots for lamprey fishing in the Lima River, hunting areas, water sports, the river beach, a good catering and hotels, handicrafts, folklore, a fine gastronomy and the famous wine - Vinho Verde.

The wine - Vinho Verde - is produced in the Demarcated Region of the Green Wines of which we are part and constitutes a denomination of controlled origin whose demarcation dates back to 1908. Vinho Verde is unique in the world. Naturally light and fresh, produced in the territory between the rivers Douro and Minho, in the north-west of Portugal, a coastal region geographically well located for the production of excellent white wines, sparkling wines and spirits. Producer of unique batch wines, the Region of Vinhos Verdes offers an unparalleled array of very gastronomic wines.

Vinho Verde is a fruity wine, easy to drink, great as an aperitif or to drink with light and balanced meals: salads, fish, seafood, white meats, snacks, sushi, sashimi and others.

All this, accompanied always by a knowledge to receive as nobody, makes Ponte da Barca a land of choice.

We have developed a program that we hope you all enjoy it, privileging the socialization amongst participants and the visit to emblematic places. The participants will be able to appreciate the banks of the Lima River and cross the terraces where our wine (Vinho Verde) is produced. It will be possible to taste traditional food, know about our customs and appreciate our heritage and folklore. We will also have a small race in the historic centre of Ponte da Barca.


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